I'm a Sydney, Australia based photographer, with over 30 years experience taking photos primarily of people, most recently in the alternative and fetish communities of Sydney's Inner West. You may have already seen my work on posters in local shops, on Facebook and the usual social sites. What you haven't seen is the boudoir style images I've created for people's personal collections, the edgier fetish work and private projects.

I enjoy capturing the story hidden inside us all. The invitation to join those in the photo. The excitement of being caught by the camera. And the knowing look that you want all that.

I've been taking photos since junior high school, having a darkroom in my parents basement until I started shooting digital with the first Apple QuickTake way back when... Nowadays, its all high-tech digital, but I still prefer to capture the "right" image in camera: the right mood, the right lighting, and the right emotion; and only spend a few moments at the computer to finalise the details.

I'm always keen to collaborate on projects, personal, public or private. Contact me [here].